Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Celebration of Dedication

Sunday, August 1st Miah Jane, though she won't remember it, participated in one of the most important ceremonies of her life. Honoring God for gracing us with such a precious gift was the purpose of our day. In addition to that, we recognized Jeremiah in spirit, and named Auntie Tanya and Uncle Jordie as her godparents. My uncle, Reverend Dave Stasiak, is in town from New Hampshire and has honored Jeremiah and I for the third time by performing the most beautiful blessing ceremony for our little girl. Pictures capturing these moments will be posted soon, but for now here are just a couple shots from brunch afterward with our closest family and friends. There aren't very many I apologize. Remembering the camera and taking care of Mama duties is quite the juggling act sometimes.
Lexi Lynn helping MJ get the nutrients she needs.

A delightful combination of cheese and crackers.
Nice choice LL!!

Yummy in the tummy all by herself!

Our favorite buddies, Adrey and Devin, making sure MJ's toys are fun enough.
Tough job, but somebody has got to do it.

Sippy cups toasted with sparkling pink lemonade and a splash of water.

Mamas and Dadas toasted with raspberry sparkletinis.

Ah, but nothing beats Enfamel A.R. with Gma.
Pictures of the ceremony to come courtesy of my lovely friend Michelle Tricca!

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