Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"mommy i want beach"

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Monday, September 12, 2011

A few couple turns...

Hi.  Let's pretend that it hasn't been so long.  Let's pick up where I left off and leave "concept of time" for someone else to worry about shall we?  Good.  Thank you.  Let the documenting begin...

My most favorite inside joke with my best friend, Trish, is the "a few couple turns" phrase.  It stems from a hilarious story of stopping to ask a fellow New Yorker directions to a restaurant.  He obliges in a very unintentional yet unhelpful way.  "Just go up to this light up here, take a few couple turns to the right and you'll run right into it."  Really?  Does this guy know what happens if you just keep making turns to the right?  Circles.  Does he know that few is more than a couple?  As nonsensical as these directions were I have found they are very relevant to my life now.  I've taken a few couple turns in the last few couple years and as lost as I've ended up I've managed to find my way without concern of where I think I might be going.  I'll give you one guess who is responsible for that....insert smile here.

So yes I've been lost, but a good lost this time.  Lost in the wondrous depths of quite a few and coupled moments my precious growing daughter rescues me with on a day to day basis.  Let me try to simplify what I am so cosmically trying to say......with pictures.  That's all you want to see anyway right?  I am going to do my very best to sum up our summer.

This summer we.........
Beached it A LOT.......often times with some of our favorite friends.

We brought the 4th of July in typical all American style........watermelon slice as big as our head.  CHECK!

We were a part of a very special parade........

I will not give the story justice, so please I encourage you to visit StillCrazy Resurrected to fully understand.

We love you dearly Poppa family.  You have embraced my daughter and I as a part of your own.  Something your family knows and does very well.

We gave swim lessons another try.  This time with swim teacher Ryan Porucznik and our buddies Devin and Lexi.  Not quite swimming yet, but certainly not afraid to try unlike last year.  We can't keep her out of the pool these days!!  She has no problem jumping right in thanks to Ryan and his teaching technique!  Mr. and Mrs. Schimmel we can't thank you enough for hosting our private lessons every Tuesday and Saturday!!

We developed a very nice tan.......

...which may be why she has developed a need to always want to wear hats & sunglasses..

She knows she's funny too by the way..........

(sorry for the quality of some of this pictures taken with my phone that almost always has a finger print or jelly on the lens)


Never short on smiles and laughter with this one.

We checked out Busch Gardens on a whim one Saturday.

A monumental step for both Mommy and Baby.....drum roll please.....she sleeps in her own big girl bed in her own big girl room!!  I talking about Mommy and Baby here!!  THIS IS BIG!!

And yes a lot of times she insists to sleep with shoes on.  These sandals in particular are her favorite.  Wants to be ready to go once she wakes up I guess.

Girl can't get enough of music and dancing!!

We ate lots of birthday cake this summer.....which is probably why she dances with such vigor.

We discovered cake pops at Cousin Briana's bridal shower...again with the cake.

 We revisited our favorite city.......

In conclusion....

MJ knows the primary colors, first ten numbers, and 75% of the alphabet.

She licks her finger when turning pages of books only to turn the page with the finger she didn't lick.

She has developed a habit of picking her cuticles.

She likes to say "pee pee in the potty" but doesn't do it.

She still is very attached to her pacifiers which she no longer calls "dooda", but rather the color they are. 

She laughs when she poots.

She calls Auntie Tanya "Tan", Uncle Jordan "JoJo", Grandma & Grandpa "Gamma" (yep both are Gamma), Uncle Georgie "Jaj", Cousin Mike "Mike", my Baba "Baba", my friend Kara "Kah", my friend Meghan "Maig", her friends Emerson and Noelle "EmmyNoNo" (as if they are one name), and me "Mommy" or "Mommia".

She says "I Love You"
(thanks to JoJo's persistence).

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