Monday, August 23, 2010

Busy Beavers!

August has been a very busy month!! Gma and Gpa were out of town for two and a half weeks, so that means Mama was out a babysitter!! Let the fun begin! As I have mentioned before the benefits of working for the family business is absolutely insurmountable, especially in times like these. Mama loaded up toys, dvds, and pack n play with MJ in tow and headed to work. We set up camp in Gpa's unused office where MJ whooped it up for two and half weeks while Mama worked. Luckily Uncle Jordie, Auntie Tanya, and Auntie Kara all work with Mama too, so there were plenty of helping hands. We had so much fun that we almost didn't want Gma and Gpa's vacation to end!! Well, almost. We missed George and Sue pretty bad. It was a real juggling act, but as I said everyone was happy to do their part to help take care of my little girl. It's always so heart warming to watch. So many people love her so much.

LL came in a couple days of the week to make sure MJ had the right setup.

HA HA Gpa George your office is MINE!

I know this is just the beginning of many plots for these two.

She was a fly girl on this particular day.

Eagerly waiting for Uncle Georgie to come visit her at the office.

He's coming! He's coming!

My handsome and hilarious brother aka Uncle Georgie.


Let me show you my latest moves.

Bye, Bye Uncle Georgie. Thanks for brightening my day!

Mama and I love you.

Once the work is done we know how to play and who to play with!! The Schaps Gang!! One of our many visits to Sun-n-Fun. We beached it with the Schaps Gang quite a bit this summer too. Pictures to be posted eventually....


Lexi really knows how to put the "eese" in cheese!

Mama's Boo was was a hot one as usual!

We had birthday parties, dinners parties, shopping, and visiting every moment outside of work this month. It's just impossible for me to keep track of it all with a camera let alone the sunglasses I'm searching frantically for on top of my head!

To offset some of my shopping addiction a couple years ago I worked at Anthropologie in Waterside. Honestly, working there didn't help offset anything. Eeesh. Jeremiah wanted to kill me. Anyway the two best benefits of working there are my lovely friends, Michelle Tricca, of whom you all met via her photography, and Carla Stumpo aka C-Stump, Starla, or Tiny Dancer. Carla lives on the beautiful Fort Myers beach where she invited us up for a picnic. What a splendid picnic it was......

Yummy in my tummy!

Sea salt on the the seashore.

MJ has a bit of an obsession with water bottles.

and flowers....loves to pick flowers.

Oh and try to eat them of course.

Hm....which one looks the tastiest?

Mmmmm this bumble gum pink one!

Thank you so much Carla.

Stay gifted.

One evening after our many pot of gold days this month we came home to this........

icing on the cake!


  1. So many comments...where do I begin? First, your picnic with Carla looked bad ass! That's how you do a picnic spread and you couldn't have chosen a better location. Second, before I even read the caption, the sea salt picture made me laugh as I tried to say sea salt by the seashore to myself. (yes I'm really THAT lame!) And last, the pictures with Uncle Georgie are the cutest! One thing that I really picked up on while she was here at the office so much the last two weeks is how much that little fly girl loves her aunties and uncles. She's just precious!

  2. I just looked a the blog about the beach...How fantastic! Yes I will stay gifted and hope that one day someone, besides you, will notice! This little blog is WAY more interesting than facebook. We must plan another outing so Starla can make an appearance with lil MJ.


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