Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tea Time

I had great intentions of capturing Kindermusik class this morning, but failed miserably.  My purse, baby necessities, and multimedia in tow I thought to myself "not shabby for over sleeping and running fifteen minutes behind.  You got this JoJo."  We make class just in the nick of time, Mama takes a deep breath, and we greet our mini music friends.  Class begins, Miah starts dancing right on cue, aaaaand my video camera is dead as a doornail.  Ah, well that's okay I've got the regular camera that takes video as well.....um yeah memory card in my laptop at home.  AAAAAAHHHHH!!!  So no Kindermusik clips today.  BUT I will be sure to be better prepared next class.

After class we hit the grocery store, three mini boxes of raisins, a dash of oblivious, and a sprinkle of rude humans later we both ran out of there screaming for the safety of home.  Ah home.  We love our home.  Where everything has it's place be it all over the living room or tidied away on a shelf.  It ours, it's cozy, and it's safe.  Not just lock the door safe, but refuge safe.  Where our moments, memories, and imagination run freely together and we don't have a care in the world.

So come everyone and join us for a spot of tea, because we were feeling a bit British this afternoon!

Hellow Love. (In her best Julie Andrews voice)

The British have proven time and time again that they know how to rock.  Have they not?  Rockers drink tea right?  Tea time isn't always frilly hats and pinkies up!

We musn't forget the mushrooms Mummy!


Hm, delightful indeed.
Mickey, Minnie, do you take cream?
or carrot sticks?

Wow child you look like your Daddy here!
Tea is all gone Mum?
Ah well, carry on then......

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Forward

And so we meet again.......February has come and gone.  February.  I fought like hell to get that month back, but I might have been a tad too ambitious just yet.  Oh it's on the horizon I'm not going down like that, but what I quickly came to realize is it's gonna take more than two years.  I lived and relived last month.  A two year anniversary of a couple firsts followed by too many lasts, with one awesome new tradition in between.

The first of what I hope to be many more........Annual Beckman Valentine's Day Celebration of Love!!
Thank you everyone.  LOTS of LOVE in the room that night.

And so here we are March 8th and the hard lesson life felt the need to teach me.....it goes on.  It might feel like Ground Hog Day sometimes, but it's not a joke as I listen to the in and out breathes MJ takes in rythm to my typing in bed.  I look at her and know it's going to be okay again.  As I have said before I have to believe the simple pleasures she and I share keep us tied to a very special man.

Enough said.

So with that recognition out of the way let's let Spring do what it does best......and move us. 
Move us and mold us in a way that only new life can.
Sorry nobody does it better than Miah Jane in my world.....

First, my Little Wing showed all the birds how it's done.
(Jeremiah suprised me with this bird bath in my rose garden on my 29th birthday)

She didn't really like where Mama placed the mushrooms and felt the need to rearrange.

After all that hard work it was time to share an apple with Mama.
(Notice the pigtails.  Yes her hair has gotten that long!)

Now get out there and Spring Forward everybody!!
Nice to be back with you in the blogosphere that moping stuff is for the birds!

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