Monday, November 29, 2010

Giving Thanks in the Windy City

It seemed as if we were in and out of O'Hare airport in the wink of an eye.  Yes I wrote wink.  I like the sound of wink better than blink.  Reason being, there is always something special behind a wink versus a blink isn't there? 

Thanksgiving 2010 was absolutely special. 

I have to apologize I did not come through with very many pictures capturing our week.  The flash on our little camera isn't working for one.  Two, the Florida girl that I have become is proven in the few blurry pictures I did snap with each shiver and teeth chatter.  IT WAS FREAKING COLD DUDE!!  Three, I was just too dang busy having a good time.  So please accept my apology for such a piss poor post.

THANK YOU does no where near the justice needed to be extended to my Aunt Kim, Uncle Duke and family for their gracious hospitality.  Between the eggs made to order every morning and forfeited beds each night the coziness of our stay will be always be remembered and never taken for granted.  Cedar Lake Vukobratovich's oh how we love you....insert wink here.

Now on to a few pics.........

 We visited Lincoln Park Zoo early in the week. 
Here's a sweet shot of MJ admiring one of the gorillas. 
Truly beautiful animals.

 I'm not quite sure who was messing with who here.  MJ or the beaver?

Little Miss Shopper showing us what she wants for Christmas from Land of Nod.
Ah P.S. Land of Nod kicks ass!! 
My whole family might have had a little too much fun there.

We toured the World of Christmas at the Museum of Science and Industry.
Getting into the Christmas spirit with Gpa!!
Miah clapped nonstop through this entire exhibit.  Really precious.

Checking out what Chicago's night life has to offer with Auntie Tanya and Uncle Jordi.
(yes my shivering ruined this pic, but you get the idea)

Speaking of Uncle Jordi and Auntie Tanya......they had some fun taking pictures of Miah with their super duper camera in my Uncle's backyard.  The only part of this I had anything to do with is possibly 50 percent of my kid's cuteness.......otherwise these are all courtesy of them.  Oh and MJ.

Wink of an eye I tell ya........for thee I am thankful.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sweet Home Chicago

We are off to Chi-Town today to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with family.  I was born in Chicago as was all of my family on both Gpa and Gma's side.  We moved to Naples when I was eight years old.  I swore that when I turned eighteen I was moving back......yeah well Naples had it's way with me and moving away didn't ever pan out.  I'm sure it would have been an amazing experience, but then I wouldn't have had this little sleeping beauty now would I?

(Bad ass Dolphins jersey tee courtesy of the coolest family around...the Schaps Gang!  You get an MJ kiss if you can guess who's number that was!)

Got to have plenty of rest to take on the windy city!
Have a happy Thanksgiving!  I'll be sure to have plenty of pictures to prove how happy ours was.

Haddy Hey....Baby don't you wanna go......back to that same 'ole place......

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hope and Courage

Miah Jane and I spent Saturday morning with the ever so talented and charming Monet "Giblin" Layton in the children's corner of the Garden of Hope and Courage.  Many of you know this place to be very sacred to me in that much of Jeremiah's hard work is strewn throughout the trees, ponds, and walkways.  There were many nights we'd visit the garden to see it lit up.  The lights weren't the only thing beaming on those nights......Jeremiah's pride in his work and heart felt attachment to this job shined in those baby blues I came to love so much.

Monet's dear friend Dierdre "Conley" Varness lost her husband to cancer this past summer and is expecting to give birth to their baby boy next month.  To honor Baby Varness, Monet hosted photo sessions for donations to be given to Dierdre.  I have never met Dierdre, but we have been in contact and plan to meet each other when she comes down to visit her parents in January.  She and I have not met yet, but we know.  She and I know.....the pain of bitter and the joy of sweet.

Monet you are a gem of a friend.  Your love and support for Dierdre and her baby boy is beautiful.

These are a few of the photos Monet took of Miah and I that morning........

She couldn't resist the powdered donuts Monet had out.  Apparently these were once a favorite of Todd's.
And now a favorite of MJ's.  Great. 

Todd Varness
June 11, 1974 - August 2, 2010

How far we've gone
How far we're going
So here and the now
And the love for the sound
of the moments that keep us moving....

Sunday, November 7, 2010

No Tricks and All Treats continued....

Halloween night we were welcomed to the Jarbo Family home and neighborhood party to trick or treat.  We met up with the Schaps Gang and plenty of other great company that night to watch Miah Jane's first night of this house to house ritual unfold.  Well that's what I hoped to happen anyway.  Now, anyone who knows me knows that it is no secret I like candy.  Ok, I like cake, cookies, cupcakes, ice cream......sugar.  With that being said, naturally I like Halloween.  It just so happened that my daughter was dressed irresistibly cute and is too young to be eating candy.  This is where I hoped to come in.......BUT Miah Jane had other plans.  It was as if her father was here conspiring against me........he would constantly tease me about my sugar addiction.  He used to say that I was going to eat myself in to a diabetic coma.  The ironic thing about that is he would say that to me as his 14th cigarette of the day would hang out of his mouth.....ah but who was counting.....anyway I severely just digressed.  Sorry.  So as I was saying Miah Jane wanted nothing to do with collecting candy for her Mama and everything to do with exploring the neighborhood.

Ok so now what Mama?
How about letting me walk in the street?
Later dudes...... really Mama I'm good.
Aaaand this isn't starting out well.
She needed to sit it out for a minute.....
......collect herself.
Let's try this again.
Right back to the street.
Then she wanted to sit in the gutter.
Crab crawl in the grass.
Crab crawl on the sidewalk.
Stare at herself in this shiny truck bumper.
Play with a neighbor's votive candles for their pumpkins. 
 I have to mention this woman actually let MJ take a votive candle.  I think she would have let her take anything she owned she was swooning over my cupid so much.  I can't blame her.
Aaand back to not trick or treating and kissing a random neighborhood dog.
Trying to steal some poor kid's bike.
Climbing in a random lawn chair in some random driveway.
By the end of the night she figured out what to do.
Got you some Nerds Mama!!

That's my girl.  I knew I could count on you!
Of course my sweet girl is all the sugar I need.

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