Wednesday, August 11, 2010

American Baby

To get ready for work in the morning I put MJ in her jumperoo and she watches one of her many Baby Einstein dvds, because if she's not doing that she's usually on my hip. If she's not on my hip, then she depants me every five minutes by constantly tugging to be picked up. Yes, I've spoiled my girl and I don't care. I'll carry her to prom if she wants me too, but I'm not really worried about her wanting me to do that. Anyway, I peeked around the corner of the hallway to check on her and caught her dancing to the beat of Dave Matthews Band I had playing from my laptop. I've watched this forty-seven times today and I'll probably watch it forty-seven more.
You will probably need to pause MJ's playlist at the bottom of the blog to hear the video!


  1. love it! :o) she is precious joanne

  2. Even MJ loves the DMB!! Love it! We'll have to remember Dave Matthews at our next dance party with the kids! LOL Cue up the Ipod...


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