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We became a part of the blogging world April 2010.  Prior to that, I have been soaking in the joy of my daughter, Miah Jane Beckman (born September 15, 2009) and grieving the death of her Daddy, my husband, Jeremiah Beckman (November 27, 1975 - February 13, 2009). I was 9 weeks pregnant with our first, and now only child, when Jeremiah died accidentally while on a surfing trip with friends in Costa Rica. The week before he left we had our first obgyn experience together. The appointment happened to be on my birthday February 3 of all days. We were able to see and hear the heartbeat of our "Little Bean Beckman". This birthday will absolutely go down in history as the best birthday in my entire life. However, the following Friday will absolutely go down in history as the worst day in my entire life.
I received a phone call (oh my poor Christine) early the morning of Jeremiah's death at work, and never went back to our home after that again.  I immediately moved in with my sister, Tanya, and her husband, Jordan.  I literally went from work, to my obgyn for an emergency ultrasound, and then to my brother-in-law's recliner where I stared out the sliding glass door, down a river for days.  My immediate family and close friends packed up our entire house; put everything into storage until I would one day figure out where my new life was going to reside.  Luckily, fate made that decision for me.  The condo next door to my sister's happened to be foreclosed on and bank owned.  Jordan immediately started working on purchasing it, in which he and Tanya were successful in doing.  My amazing parents, George and Sue, friends, uncles, aunts, and my beloved siblings all worked for months to completely remodel the condo to my every liking.  From paint color, to wood floors, to the intricate knobs on my kitchen cabinets, and the most "out of a story book" nursery you have ever seen (thank you Kerry Prevolos, artist).  Miah Jane and I have our own place, but only a door away from help if we needed it.  I ain't afraid to say we've needed it let me tell you!  I can never thank all of you enough.  Thank you for saving me.  I love each and every one of you so much.
Now as for the whole reason for this blog......ah hello!!  As I wrote earlier Miah Jane Beckman was born on September 15, 2009.  The moment I held her for the first time small pieces of my shattered heart started to mend back together.  Hence, her nickname, Little Bandaid.  I will always be broken to some extent without the love of my life to share this gift of our little girl.  Jeremiah's death was a tragedy to so many people that loved him so.  I figured if Miah Jane could do what she has done for me, then maybe she could help others that loved her Daddy.  Once I got myself over some technological intimidation, "Mama's Little Bandaid" was born!  I didn't think it was possible, but I have fallen in love again, as you will see in every blog post.   I hope through sharing the love via this blog you all will too.  Miah Jane, Your Mama's recovered heart and soul loves you deeply. 
Love Bears All Things.  Love Never Fails.
1 Corinthinans 13:4-8a

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