Monday, August 16, 2010

Blessed is this life...........

I've had a love/ hate relationship with God throughout my life. No matter my state of mind I have always maintained some sort of relationship. It's not one of a very organized kind, but more via the natural canvas He/She had a hand in creating that surrounds us. I do not judge those who accept God in there lives differently. We are each individuals in our own right from our finger prints to the way we process ideas in our minds. Why on earth would we all accept God the same? How does the saying go? "To each his own".

In addition to nature, God has found another way to speak to me in a language I am very in tune to. Motherhood. From the moment I heard Miah Jane's heart beat for the first time when she was just known as "little bean beckman" I felt the surge of something so big. Bigger than I probably will ever humanly realize. So big that it gave me the strength to live through such extreme loss. My husband and best friend, my life with him, and the life I imagined with him. Love is tremendous. If you allow it into your heart it will never fail you. It will find a way to help you live again. I'm living again. Through a child's eyes. Our child. Mine and Jeremiah's. I remain strong everyday for Miah Jane and in doing so I remain true to the vow of love I promised my husband.

"Then as it was, then again it will be. Though the course may change sometimes, rivers always reach the sea."
~Robert Plant

As I had blogged earlier this month my uncle, Reverend David Stasiak, performed the most perfect blessing ceremony on August 1, 2010. God, provided the most perfect venue in which He/She was honored. Miah Jane's father and my beloved husband, Jeremiah, was also recognized. Tanya and Jordan Poppa-Turner were named as Miah Jane's Godparents. To complete the ceremony we were given a grand procession. Pure magic, just like my little girl.

Witnesses: Linda Stasiak (my aunt), George Vukobratovich (Gpa), Sue Vukobratovich (Gma), Ann Clark (my Baba), and Captain Zeke Schryver (friend of Jeremiah's).

All photos featured in this slideshow were taken by my very talented friend Michelle Tricca.

*Don't forget to pause MJ's playlist at the bottom of the blog to hear video!!


  1. Wow Joanne!! You did an awesome job creating that video...with Michelle's pictures. The music and sequence of the pictures are just magical. It helps that the people in the pictures are 'magical' too! Just beautiful...Love you Miah James!

  2. This is so perfect! I have already watched it twice. Really just amazing!!!

    Love you guys.


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