Friday, August 13, 2010

First Steps!

Kara (my best friend since 4th grade and co-worker) and I were enjoying a yummy take out lunch at the office today when we noticed MJ took a mini step towards Kara for her french fry!! I dashed for my camera in my purse and the following video tells you the rest!!


  1. As I'm letting Devin watch he keeps saying...Wanna do it again! He can't get enough. Andy says I sound happier than if it were my own. I'm so proud of Miah James! She's such a good girl! So happy I could witness this today.

  2. OMG I cant count how many times I saw this over and over I think Scotty has too I keep hearing the song lol.....congrats MJ I am so so proud of you!!! Cant wait till you race mommy in the marathons....Joanne you better start a schedule with me soon lol ;)
    Briana & Scotty


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