Sunday, August 8, 2010

Three is a Magic Number!

What a fun day Sunday!! We celebrated morning to night with our buddy Devin Andrew Schaps!! He is now the magic number, three years old!! The weather changed our original plans of going to the Sun-n-Fun water park......they closed due to too many storms in the forecast, so we took our party elsewhere. The faithful fountains at the Vineyards park are always a guaranteed good time, especially when you are hanging out with some of the coolest cats in town!!

Go MJ, Go MJ, GO!!

The man of the hour!!
D.A. Jazzy Fresh

Bad Boy Brennan Brewer!

LL Cool Babe!

You don't want to mess with this girl's Chi.
Hieeeeee Yaaah!

Wild eye crazy Mary......

Devin is so genuinely sweet to MJ.
He has his very own name for her....Miah James.
I've considered making it legal.

Trade you for the truck Brennan?

I yi yi, this kid kills me with her eyes just like her Daddy did.
I'm toast.

Frank Andrew Schaps. Total Showboat.
Always has to have his picture with everyone.

Watching Devin get so excited as we sang happy birthday was worth every sprinkle I find in the crevasses of my kitchen floor. (MJ helped with the sprinkles, hence the reason so many ended up on the floor.)

Check out video of Devin here.

Jesus, Lex......I mean "Cheezits", Lex!
Always true to your "hot mess" form.
We love so much Schaps Family!! You bring us so much joy and laughter.
Fist bump.....explode!

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  1. Can I just put a link to your blog on mine for his birthday post?? You did such a nice job! Thank you for being a part of our fun-filled birthday celebration. It wouldn't have been the same without sweet Miah James there. :)


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