Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wrong Side of the Bed

Most mornings MJ wakes up refreshed, all smiles, sporting a terrific hairdo and ready to conquer the world one diaper at a time. Meanwhile, I'm trying to blink my dry contacts into focus, that I once again did not take out the night before, whimpering "no not yet, five more minutes" under my breath. Of course, all of you Mamas know these "alarm clocks" don't come with snooze buttons or an off button for that matter. However, I have to sheepishly admit one focused look at her sweet smile and bright, raring to go eyes wakes me like no alarm clock can.

NOT THE CASE THIS AM!! Whew, Cranky Pants!!

I tried to kill two birds with one stone (eesh horrible analogy, who really tries to kill two birds with one stone anyway) in the early morning sunshine by watering and weeding our plants on the back porch, in hopes that it would cheer my little girl up as it often does me. However, the frustration of Mama constantly pulling her hand away from allowing several dirt tastings, sent her into such a tizzy that Uncle Jordie and Auntie Tanya came over from next door to see what all the fuss was about! They came bearing gifts too.......a glitter globe of downtown Miami! (yeah I scratched my head too) Nothing like Miami to shakes things up a bit........this city and it's flamingos got my little girl to pull it together better than Mama's boring "one with nature" ways. Thanks for coming to the rescue neighbors!

I think the heat is taking a toll on this one Mama.

and this one.......

eesh and this one.

Tizzy soon ensues after this one.

Mama was kinda hoping you'd be a New Yorker.

Thankfully, tomorrow is another blessed day. As a matter of fact, a very blessed day. Tomorrow, we are having a blessing ceremony for my precious little gift. Though I say it, and think it a thousand times a day it is important to me to officially honor those who had a hand in gracing me with my little bandaid. I look forward to sharing.........

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