Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Sleepy Christmas Eve

We could not have asked for a day any more beautiful than what we were given on Christmas Eve.  It was an absolute glorious day, and we didn't want to waste a minute of naturally we went to "church".
Auntie Tanya, Uncle Jordi, MJ and I spent the majority of the afternoon paddling Clam Pass aimlessly. 

Jeremiah and I would attend "church" often times on our boat floating past island after island of mangroves with the in or out coming tide.  Those cherished days on the water together were some of our most connected moments.  Connected to each other and to God.

 It will always remain that way.

It was so peaceful that Miah Jane actually fell asleep!
Auntie Tanya won the Sacajawea look alike contest.
We passed Sleeping Beauty off to Uncle Jordi.

Somebody woke up as soon as she heard waves crashing.........
It's pretty bad when you just happen to have a festive bathing suit.
This is how Christmas is done in Florida!!

The ritual sand taste test.
And the ritual drink of water after the sand taste test.

We eventually had to paddle home, shower, and head over to Gma and Gpa's for Christmas Eve dinner.

The evening hadn't even begun!
MJ was already toast on the way to dinner.
BUT Gma knew the remedy to wake this little sleepy sleeperson ....

.......she's done.

Come on over whenever you're ready Santa. 
You could just use the front door I don't think she's gonna hear you.

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Whole Lot of Christmas Catch Up!! (this is a mother of a post)

Well, Christmas is here in full force and man are we busy celebrating it every way we know how!  I have been packing it in from morning to night for me and my little wonder girl, so as to not miss a thing.  I mean that literally.  The busier we are the less I dwell on who I am missing.  A day doesn't squeak by with out my thoughts leading me down a path to what might have beens or memories of Jeremiah.  Most moments now I can get away with an inconspicous lump in my throat verses the dead give away tears.  Never the less, Miah Jane has taught me how to smile through both. 

Ok deep breath........lots to cover!!

Many of you may have received our Christmas card by now.  I have such a battle with myself this time of year whether or not to send Christmas cards.  The statistics would baffle you in relation to the amount of waste "commercialized" Christmas in general creates.  Well, Paper Culture came to my mental rescue this year.  Not only do they print on 100% post consumer recycled paper, but they also plant a tree in honor of your order!!  AND their designs are soooo chic!  AND they do anything and everything from birth announcements to stationary!!  Starting my girl's knowledge of her carbon footprint early! 
TA DAH!!  Merry Christmas!!

Collier County Parks and Rec host Snow Fest every year for as long as I can remember.  I've never been, but I've got a cute little excuse to go now!  MJ and I met up with the Ritchey's and the Schaps Gang for a morning of fun in the sun and then some.

Leah Peah and Adrey wasted no time getting into the sledding line!
Kara took MJ and Lexi on the carousel single handed!!  I'm not one for spinning around in circles.  BLAH!  Lexi was kinda hoping Miah wasn't either from the looks of this picture. 
Don't you be hogging my Mama girl!
Lexi got her wish.  MJ didn't care for it. 

Our friends the Benge family joined us that morning too!  Lexi was ready for another spin with big brother Devin and buddy Gavin Benge. 

We all headed home for naps after such a fun morning.  We had to rest up for the afternoon, because we had more partying to do.  LEXI LYNN turned TWO!!  WOO HOO!
Snow Fest was just an appeteaser before an afternoon of power wheel races and cupcakes!!
We Wuv You!

Our social calendar just keeps moving right along........once again we met up with our favorite pals (Adrey, Charlie, Devin, & Lexi) to watch the Naples Christmas Parade down on 3rd Street.  A magnificent suggestion made by my precious Cousin Briana.
MJ in her pimped out ride.
These battery powered Christmas lights were such a hit!
Thank you Walmart. 
Oh and thank you Uncle Mike and Anna for my wagon! 
(MJ finally got over her inital fear of it)

It was so cold that night!! 
We actually have had hats and scarves hanging on our coat rack this past week and a half!!
Pretty weird sight in these parts!

This picture is so blurry, because she's clapping her hands like a maniac.
She absolutely LOVED the parade!!  And the pizza at Aurelios afterwards.
The first night of what we all decided to become an annual Christmas ritual.
(many of these pictures above are courtesy of Kara and Leah....believe it or not I need a break from the camera balancing act,whew!)

And I give you the finale.........

Auntie Tanya, Uncle Jordi, MJ, and I met up with two lovely ladies in our lives.......Olivia and her Mama, Mindi Lopez to do Christams Disney style for a weekend.  Man, let me tell you Mickey and his pals know how to throw down Christmas.  If you can't get into the Christmas spirit at Disney World there is no hope for you.
Olivia and MJ taking Toon Town by storm and they mean business.

This final picture speaks volumes!!  She was delirious and only wanted more.

I know that was just a lot of pictures of her on this same slide, but I wanted to be sure to convey how much fun she had over and over and over.  She does so much for my heart on a daily basis, but these specific moments on that slide in freaking Toon Town at Disney moved me.  Moved me so much that it gave me a powerful idea....more about that at a later date.  Let's get through Christmas first.

Magic Kingdom by day........Hollywood Studios by night.........
 Once again these battery powered Christmas lights rocked a lot of worlds.
 This light show rocked our world....unreal dude.

Absolutely insane.  I know.
Let's just say Mickey's carbon footprint is a humdinger.

Oh and we musn't forget these Characters......

She really, really dug Pluto.....anyone else not so much.
 Who are you?  Chip?
 I'm busy eating breakfast dude.  Whatev, d-lister.
 Aaaand nope.  Too goofy for her.
 Well, that sums it up.  My laptop battery is flashing and Miah Jane is over entertaining herself.  We still have another week before Santa gets here...who knows what we'll get into before then.

As the song says.....the world spins madly on.

Merry Christmas!!

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