Friday, June 25, 2010

Wax on. Wax off.

It's hard at this age to find fun and interesting things to entertain little ones, and keep them safe from themselves at the same time! All the Baby Einstein DVD's are super cool and MJ watches them over and over like it was the first time she's seen each one. She has favorite parts that she giggles to more than others. She has quite the arsenal of toys for her every mood. We go for walks, swing on our swing, read books, and chase the kitty's tail, but sometimes all that just ain't enough for my little girl and I don't blame her!! Yesterday, Uncle Jordie needed to wash his truck......this was mesmerizing from the porch balcony. SO what the heck......Mama dragged the jumperoo with one hand and had baby in a strong hold with the other. Set her up front and center to watch her Uncle at work. Way cooler than any Baby Einstein DVD that's fo sho!!

What is he doing Mama?

Um, Uncle Jordie.........

.......I think you missed a spot.
Just say'in.

I need to shine my bad boy up too.

Can't wait to have one of those one day can you little girl?
AAAAHHHH!! Mama can wait!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

My Little Gym Rat

I've said it before and I will say it again and again.......Miah Jane and I are so blessed with some of the most beautiful friends and family two girls could ever ask for. This week we are thankful for the personal trainer in the family, Cousin Briana!! She is gonna help Mama get those last tough, ten pounds off for good! This is quite the task to take on, but sweet, lovely Briana is willing, in her spare time throughout her week, to do what she can to get the job done. Working out has not been one of my priorities since I've taken on the lifetime occupation of being a Mama. Not only is it hard to fit exercise in during the juggling of the week, it also takes away from my very valued time spent with MJ. Well, no more excuses! This little over achiever is days away from walking and I need to be able to keep up! In addition to Briana's expertise, who better to help shed the pounds than my mini sidekick that helped put them on!! This was the most fun I've ever had in a gym! Think about it, do you ever see anyone laugh while they're doing squats? Good for the abs! Oh and let's not forget good for Mama's mending heart too. Thank you Briana, we love you.
That's one Mama.

Woo Hoo!!

And two!

Piece of cake.

Try these. They match my outfit.
No Pain, No Gain Mama!!

Your butt better not touch the floor!

Hey! Over here....quit dilly dallying!

Nice form.

Nope. No cheating. Can't put me down.

You want legs like these Mama you gotta work at it.

Upper body next week.
That's when you'll get to see my gun show.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Miah Jane is NINE months today and she is on the move!! I am so glad I didn't waste the forty dollars on a walker last weekend!! All you need is a $5.99 laundry basket, and an Auntie and Uncle to cheer you on!! Oh and a little Night Ranger theme music.....everything you do has got to have theme music!!

Sister Christian oh the time has come............

And you know you're the only one to say.....OK

But you're MOTOR'IN.......what's your price for flight!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sun and Fun!

I have heard so much about a local water park called Sun and Fun. I looked forward, but not too far forward, to the day that I could take MJ there once she was old enough to enjoy it. Well, this past Friday was that day!! We met up with our friends Adrey and Billy and their Mamas, Leah and Jenn. We splashed away in the Tadpole pool, and sipped on our favorite cocktail (pear juice and water) as we floated along in the Lazy River. We had such a great time Mama didn't even bother with the camera too much. I couldn't resist this shot however.......

We've found another way to enjoy our latest favorite element!!

Summer is officially here!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gotta Work to Play!

It is not unusual for Miah Jane to spend the day at the office. Infact, she has been a part of the hustle and bustle of our family business since she was a newborn. Yes, not only do we play together, practically live together, but we work together too! We have always been a very close knit bunch, but the hit our family took last year has brought us closer even when we didn't think it could be possible. Yet again, despite the loss of Jeremiah, I have been blessed. Not only with family and friends, but with a work situation that is extremely flexible around mine and my daughter's needs.

When Miah Jane accompanies me to work everyone takes a turn entertaining her while I feverishly try to complete a few tasks before I'm beckoned by a very distinct "Where are you Mama" whine. Instead of fifteen minute coffee breaks, or talk around the water cooler, most everyone rather spend their time on the floor unaware of their high pitched baby babble as they play with Baby Einstein gadgets. I love that my daughter is responsible for the lack of care everyone begins to have about their skirts and suits to crawl around with her and relive childhood. Needless to say, I may be the only one that gets things done the days Miah Jane comes to work with me, but everyone seems to think it's more than worth it, and that's one beautiful thing.

Hm, what should I sabotage today?
Check to see who I can woo in the lobby.

The lawn crew even stop and dance around for a smile through the lobby window!

Help me help you.

Now, I'm only going to say this once......

Hey! You listening to me?

That's it! You're fired!

When the weekend rolls around there is no telling what we will come up with!

There is more to life than just work, but we have got to work to live life.

Fun in the sun with Uncle Jordie in the pool!

Loves the water any way she can get it.

Loves to taste test everything too.

Mama doesn't love this.

Back to laughing.

Back to tasting.

Ah yes, my irresistible cheeks lulled Uncle Jordie into letting me take his sunglasses!

Gets him every time!

Sorry to break it to you, but these look much better on me Uncle Jordie.

Almost got away without a taste test.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Two Zubi!!

"Zubi" (zu-bee) is Serbian for teeth. Half of this little "Heinz 57" is Serbian, hence the Vukobratovich. Her Daddy's half, from what I understand, is German, Dutch, Irish, Cherokee, and Blackfoot. Aside from all of that, the subject that is most importantly at hand are the two white stubs just barely protruding enough from the bottom gums for all to see. We have hit another milestone!!
Say Zubi!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Not Very Ladylike!

I was going through some of Miah Jane's pictures and found a couple shots that I had to share. These few captured bloopers are hilarious now, but sure won't be in the very fast years to come. I'm not anywhere near ready to think about those days. Thinking about the future without my husband zings me to my core, so to prevent these shock waves I have adopted a new mindset. It's the "Jeremiah Way": one day at a time. Oh how this used to drive me up a wall!! I had a horrible habit of getting way ahead of myself and stress about things that hadn't happened yet. Jeremiah always tried to help me slow down in his effortless, yet caring way. He would patiently listen to my hysteria, cigarette hanging out of his mouth, squinting his baby blues at me in complete confusion, and say "Why are you worrying about that now Babe?". AAAAHHHHH!!

Well, you've succeeded my love. You've slowed me down. It was more like a screeching halt there for a little while, but our daughter got me running on all cylinders again. I thank you.

He is so shaking his head and throwing his hands in the air right now..........

All right on to what we are all really here for........

Wait one more thing.......if you can hear this song playing. It was Jeremiah's favorite Jack Johnson song. I think you'll figure out why.

Ok on with the kid.........

Eating your feet.

Let's hope you can give this habit up.

Eating your hand.
Ok, better than your foot.

We're making some progress I guess.

Binge drinking.

AA will probably let you get away with this for now since you can't count to "twelve" and you can't take any "steps" yet.

Food on the face.

Eeesh, honey you need to try to get more in your mouth.

Just something to consider.

Vomiting on yourself.

This is not a gift that keeps on giving.
Trust Mama.

Caught with your pants down.
I better never catch this.
Oh and I mean business sister!

No Britneys in this house!

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