Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our Sun

I've enjoyed a number of sunrises and sunsets with Miah Jane since she has been born. My Uncle Bob and Aunt Linda are in town visiting from Indiana. Fantastic excuse to head to the beach and enjoy one of the many reasons why we live in this beautiful place. I love sharing evenings like this with our family visitors. It's times like these that I often reflect on my many blessings despite the huge one I lost. I am surrounded by some very special people in my life. I've always known that even at a very young age, but this past year's tribulations have brought that to a whole new level. I continue to survive the loss of my husband not only due to the joy found in Miah Jane, but all the unbelievably supportive and strong love from my family and friends. Everyone continues to love me, but up the ante with the love they share for my and Jeremiah's daughter. What a comfort to have such an awesome group of people as this amazing resource for our little girl to soak up like sun. The value in that is insurmountable. I love you all so, so much. (Thank you Aunt Linda for taking such great pictures for us! xoxo)

Look at my big girl stand! Keep in mind she is seven months!

She takes steps with Mama's help too!

Such a beautiful moment.
I love how she already shows signs of being a nature girl.

Stinky face!

Smooch you! Smooch you! Smooch you!

Where did she get those cheeks from?

Doesn't it look like she ran into this picture real quick?

Peek A Boo!

She could have stood there and watched the waves for hours.
OK, now someone invent a crib mobile that does this and I'm golden. Thanks!

Who am I kidding? She sleeps with me not in her crib.

Bye, bye Sun. We love you. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

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