Monday, April 12, 2010

Glory Days

I think the best part about living in the town you grew up in is the childhood friends. Friendships that withstand the test of time from a young age are priceless. Little did we know, in our young innocence, that with the building blocks of shared moments upon shared moments, happy or sad, we were creating something so special. I am extremely blessed in the "childhood friend" category. We graduated together, we married together, and we now have kids together, and those kids will start sprouting their own experiences together and continue to perpetuate ours. Way cool (sorry for the stoner moment there, but I love getting caught up in things like that).
OK so, anyway, a group of us decided to support our friend and new Barron Collier Varsity Boys Baseball Coach (insert drum roll) Dan Maurer, by watching their home game against Naples last Friday night. Not to mention many of us like to relive our glory days and visit the Cougar Den once in a while. Class of '95 GO COUGARS!! Ah yes, high school; glory days indeed. Wonderful memories stockpiled away for nights of storytelling together that never get old. Funny thing is most of our conversations consist of a different type of glory in our days............

I have had the pleasure of Mama Kara in my life since the 4th grade. Lexi and Miah Jane will have the pleasure of each other since birth.
Oh and there is this dapper devil, Lexi's older brother DEVIN!! I can imagine the little cute crushes and blushes already!!

So many to choose from and keep track of!

Already sweepy? The game just started!

The Coach's wife, sweet Kimberly, will tell you how the game is played.

I'm confused Mama!

Noelle was confused too.

Svelte Mama Patty Maurer

Despite their confusion, these two knew to stick together and hang out with the older, and totally cool Riley Maurer!

Have you guys seen Schimm's new hair? Once again confused?

Pappy Jon Kepple. He's got cool glow sticks.

OK one last picture with Pappy "Most Likely to Suceed" Mike Maurer and it's time to go home Mama!!
We had such a wonderful time that night.
Thank you for showing my little girl such happiness.

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