Sunday, April 4, 2010

Celebration of Life

I can not think of a more appropriate day to start my little girl's blog than Easter Sunday. Facebook is no longer doing her justice. After one too many Mafia War requests and nonsensical posts about personal hygiene I decided it was time to find a better way to share my little sweetheart's moments with family and friends. Once I got over the intimidation of technology, I jumped into the blogging world with both feet, eyes peeking through the spaces between my fingers after each mouse click. To my amazement I quickly found myself typing away and so excited about something I once dreaded. Now with that said let's get back to the fact that it is Easter Sunday. In my little household today is a celebration of spring, new beginnings, the earth and it's many wonders, and last but certainly not least.....LIFE. Despite the sadness of this past year there have been so many joys. Joys that only Miah Jane has been able to bring to my life and our family's life. I owe it to not only my little girl, but to my late husband Jeremiah, to celebrate life like it's my job. When you become a Mom that's your duty. SO HERE IT GOES........

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