Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Learning How to Crawl Before We Walk

My little girl is getting sturdier by the day! I wouldn't call how she moves necessarily a crawl, but more of a scoot, inch, fall, grunt. This wobbily, awkward movement is so beautiful to me, as is the fact that she keeps pushing herself to do it over and over until she gets it. Oh, and she is gonna get it, I hear it in every grunt!
As I was watching her efforts once again tonight before bathtime, I realized a parallel between the two of us. Each day that she gets stronger I do too. When we fall we have a good cry, wipe away the tears, and keep going. One day at a time we keep going. Sometimes I don't know who is holding who up, but I guess it doesn't matter.
I used to sing "You are My Sunshine" to Jeremiah. He would tease me about it, but I knew he secretly loved it. I have tried to sing it to Miah Jane so many times even before she was born, but I could never get through the first verse without bursting into tears. I sang the entire song from beginning to end yesterday without one tear (can't say that I'm not teared up right now, darn it!).

Using anything to hold herself up, hands, feet.....belly.

Are you watching Mama?

Gma and Gpa couldn't resist the mini rocking chair to match Mama's.

Cheeks McGee!!

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