Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Morning Cup of MJ

I am NOT a morning person. Especially prior to coffee. I'm not necessarily mean or grouchy. I try not to start someone else's day with a bad attitude. I simply do not grasp what is going on around me until I get my first whiff of the most glorious "house blend". All five senses combine together in my head and shout "YES!!" kind of like an episode of Captain Planet and the Planeteers. EARTH! FIRE! WIND! WATER! HEART!
Early in our dating years I noticed Jeremiah had a version of this going on in his head too, except his included the pollution of his horrendous smoking habit. Despite the naggy smell of my Marlboro Man, the most cherished moments of my life with my husband were spent in our rocking chairs on the back porch sipping coffee. Enjoying the breeze and the birds' songs of thankful welcome to the sun for another precious day.
This morning ritual has evolved into a "blend" of a different kind for me now. Not the one I envisioned, but I am in love with it just the same. Once Miah Jane has had her bottle I pour myself a cup of consciousness, lay out her play blankie (a kick ass blanket that Auntie Xannie bought us from Ikea) on the floor near the sliding glass door looking out to our back porch. First we may entertain ourselves with our arsenal of amusement that Gma keeps adding to. Between that and Baby Gap we may soon need to have an intervention. She is definitely showing signs of addiction. Anyway, once we've pressed every button and pulled every string on our menagerie of toys we often show signs of sleepiness again. That is my cue to snuggle her up, take her to the porch, and rock her in my rocking chair while I sip on my coffee. This is where we fall asleep to the breeze and the birds' songs of thankful welcome to the sun for another precious day.

Good Morning Sleepy Sleeperson!!

Really Mama? It's 6:30. Do I look like I want a camera in my face right now?

If you are going to pull this on me I need my "dooda".

Well good morning sunshine!!

Mama drinks coffee and I enjoy my foot.

Embrace another precious day.

We are.

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