Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday

Holidays are so tough for my family since the loss of Jeremiah. The joys each seasons celebrations bring have been bittersweet. His absence is a silence that rings loud and clear. It weighs very heavy on our hearts. BUT something special happened Sunday that I am still relishing in today. My husband was missed once again, but somehow we all were still able to be happy and tear free the entire day. We remembered him without a doubt, but we had a certain distraction from the sadness. I mean would you look at that bunny!!!!! She dazzled us all day with her smiles and twinkles of the eyes. And those ears!!! Mama tortured her with those all day, but she let me have my fun. She knew it was important. Her new favorite thing to do is jump in place. How appropriate right? My darling husband your little girl is amazing. You know what he would say to that in his very dry tone out the side of his Popeye the Sailor mouth? "Duh, babe."

Our Easter Sunday started differently than most mobile kids. Instead of an Easter egg hunt MJ was thrilled to swing in her new swing that Uncle Jordie put up for her that morning. A couple eye hooks drilled into the main beam of our porch and Presto let the swinging begin! Thank you for being so handy Uncle Jordie!!

After swinging our hearts out most of the morning we headed to Gma and Gpa's house to spend the rest of the afternoon. Miah looooooves her Gma!! All I have to do is say "Gma" and she lights up! My Mom graciously watches Miah Jane for me on the couple days a week I work. They have tons of fun together without Mama!

My Mom's beautiful Easter dinner table. There is only one way to celebrate our family's holidays and that is the way my Mom does it. Details you would never imagine are always thought of and the FOOD!! Those of you that have been fortunate enough to taste my Mom's cooking know what I'm talking about!! You just wait for what your mini tastebuds are in store for my bunny wabbit!!

Of course Gma made her little bunny the most elaborate Easter basket. Toys, books, hair bows, clothes, and the most special present of all a quilt she handmade herself. I mean come on really Gma?

Gpa don't get any bright ideas while you help me open my basket.....this is for ME!! I still love you even when you snuggle me so tight I become awfully sweaty! We both pack a lot of heat.

Ah Auntie Tanya.....so puurty. We love our Auntie Tanya. She supports Mama whenever she needs it and helps keep her smiling. She sorts out all of Mama's rambling thoughts and holds her during her sad moments.

Ok enough sappy, let's get on with playing with my new stuff!!

Um, Mama where is my new quilt Gma made me? I don't do carpet!

Nappy time in Uncle Jordie's arms.

Wakey, wakey!! Florida freshair time!! A daily must!

Why so serious?

What do good little bunnies eat?

Nite, nite Mama's bunny. Happy Easter!

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