Friday, April 16, 2010

Miah Jane's 1st Visit to Roberts Ranch

Never did I imagine in my wildest of worries that I would be driving down this familiar dirt road to not find my Sher-bear at the end of it. Nor did I think I would ever be bringing my little girl to this majestic place for the first time without my husband. Sherri Amber Howell was my "everyday". She was my partner in crime for years. She was that one friend, that so many of us are lucky to have, that you don't do a single thing without. The friend that you call 47 times a day for absolutely no particular reason. It was very rare that one of us was without the other. Sherri tragically died in a car accident September 7, 2002. Roberts Ranch is her family's home. A home that they have welcomed me to over and over again. I have been fortunate enough to have brought Jeremiah here as well. He was in heaven with the amount of wildlife at his every blink of an eye. Today was MJ's first time for what I know to be many visits to see this family that has a pretty big chunk of her Mama's heart.

When you go to Roberts Ranch you HAVE to go "ride'in". It's like the prize you find in a box of Cracker Jack's. You just never know what you are going to come across in these untouched, old Florida woods.

The Cadillac. You always go "ride'in" in style.

Colton "Sweet Pea" Cleckler patiently waiting to show us 'round the place. If you want your heart to melt like butter you have to hear this darling say, "Hi, Jo!" in his little cracker voice!

Chase "Frogmiester" Cleckler has a front row seat for the show.
If this little fighter has not given us all hope and faith then I don't know what else will do it for you.
Kicked Short Gut Syndrome's butt I'll tell you what!!

Hello ladies and babies. Excuse us.

Mama Heather schooling MJ on ranch'in. First time she saw horsies.

Meemaw!! I love that word. Let's say it again, Meemaw!!

This isn't the smoothest ride, but somehow still lulled "sleepy sleeperson" to schweep.

Oh Daddy's hands would be sweating right now!

Sorry Sweetie.

When we got back Pappy Randall came home from work.

This is one of Mama's top ten favorite people.
Mr. Pat Howell
It's all in the way he wears his hat.

Yee Haw!! Look who's wear'in the hat now!

Oh this is a good look for Mama's little Cherokee.

Thank you Cleckler and Howell family for a splendid day!

We love you so much.

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