Friday, June 25, 2010

Wax on. Wax off.

It's hard at this age to find fun and interesting things to entertain little ones, and keep them safe from themselves at the same time! All the Baby Einstein DVD's are super cool and MJ watches them over and over like it was the first time she's seen each one. She has favorite parts that she giggles to more than others. She has quite the arsenal of toys for her every mood. We go for walks, swing on our swing, read books, and chase the kitty's tail, but sometimes all that just ain't enough for my little girl and I don't blame her!! Yesterday, Uncle Jordie needed to wash his truck......this was mesmerizing from the porch balcony. SO what the heck......Mama dragged the jumperoo with one hand and had baby in a strong hold with the other. Set her up front and center to watch her Uncle at work. Way cooler than any Baby Einstein DVD that's fo sho!!

What is he doing Mama?

Um, Uncle Jordie.........

.......I think you missed a spot.
Just say'in.

I need to shine my bad boy up too.

Can't wait to have one of those one day can you little girl?
AAAAHHHH!! Mama can wait!!

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