Thursday, June 3, 2010

Not Very Ladylike!

I was going through some of Miah Jane's pictures and found a couple shots that I had to share. These few captured bloopers are hilarious now, but sure won't be in the very fast years to come. I'm not anywhere near ready to think about those days. Thinking about the future without my husband zings me to my core, so to prevent these shock waves I have adopted a new mindset. It's the "Jeremiah Way": one day at a time. Oh how this used to drive me up a wall!! I had a horrible habit of getting way ahead of myself and stress about things that hadn't happened yet. Jeremiah always tried to help me slow down in his effortless, yet caring way. He would patiently listen to my hysteria, cigarette hanging out of his mouth, squinting his baby blues at me in complete confusion, and say "Why are you worrying about that now Babe?". AAAAHHHHH!!

Well, you've succeeded my love. You've slowed me down. It was more like a screeching halt there for a little while, but our daughter got me running on all cylinders again. I thank you.

He is so shaking his head and throwing his hands in the air right now..........

All right on to what we are all really here for........

Wait one more thing.......if you can hear this song playing. It was Jeremiah's favorite Jack Johnson song. I think you'll figure out why.

Ok on with the kid.........

Eating your feet.

Let's hope you can give this habit up.

Eating your hand.
Ok, better than your foot.

We're making some progress I guess.

Binge drinking.

AA will probably let you get away with this for now since you can't count to "twelve" and you can't take any "steps" yet.

Food on the face.

Eeesh, honey you need to try to get more in your mouth.

Just something to consider.

Vomiting on yourself.

This is not a gift that keeps on giving.
Trust Mama.

Caught with your pants down.
I better never catch this.
Oh and I mean business sister!

No Britneys in this house!

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