Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gotta Work to Play!

It is not unusual for Miah Jane to spend the day at the office. Infact, she has been a part of the hustle and bustle of our family business since she was a newborn. Yes, not only do we play together, practically live together, but we work together too! We have always been a very close knit bunch, but the hit our family took last year has brought us closer even when we didn't think it could be possible. Yet again, despite the loss of Jeremiah, I have been blessed. Not only with family and friends, but with a work situation that is extremely flexible around mine and my daughter's needs.

When Miah Jane accompanies me to work everyone takes a turn entertaining her while I feverishly try to complete a few tasks before I'm beckoned by a very distinct "Where are you Mama" whine. Instead of fifteen minute coffee breaks, or talk around the water cooler, most everyone rather spend their time on the floor unaware of their high pitched baby babble as they play with Baby Einstein gadgets. I love that my daughter is responsible for the lack of care everyone begins to have about their skirts and suits to crawl around with her and relive childhood. Needless to say, I may be the only one that gets things done the days Miah Jane comes to work with me, but everyone seems to think it's more than worth it, and that's one beautiful thing.

Hm, what should I sabotage today?
Check to see who I can woo in the lobby.

The lawn crew even stop and dance around for a smile through the lobby window!

Help me help you.

Now, I'm only going to say this once......

Hey! You listening to me?

That's it! You're fired!

When the weekend rolls around there is no telling what we will come up with!

There is more to life than just work, but we have got to work to live life.

Fun in the sun with Uncle Jordie in the pool!

Loves the water any way she can get it.

Loves to taste test everything too.

Mama doesn't love this.

Back to laughing.

Back to tasting.

Ah yes, my irresistible cheeks lulled Uncle Jordie into letting me take his sunglasses!

Gets him every time!

Sorry to break it to you, but these look much better on me Uncle Jordie.

Almost got away without a taste test.



  1. If I ever look over from my desk and she's in that chair, demanding that I print her emails, I'm quitting.

  2. Sorry Jo,
    I'm a lil behind on my blog readin since our vacation, but im so happy i came here an decided 2 go back in time an catch up!

    the pics of mj @ ur office r awesome!
    not only is she so cute but comical 2... an ur captions r hysterical...

    thanks 4 the laugh!


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