Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sun and Fun!

I have heard so much about a local water park called Sun and Fun. I looked forward, but not too far forward, to the day that I could take MJ there once she was old enough to enjoy it. Well, this past Friday was that day!! We met up with our friends Adrey and Billy and their Mamas, Leah and Jenn. We splashed away in the Tadpole pool, and sipped on our favorite cocktail (pear juice and water) as we floated along in the Lazy River. We had such a great time Mama didn't even bother with the camera too much. I couldn't resist this shot however.......

We've found another way to enjoy our latest favorite element!!

Summer is officially here!


  1. That picture is TOO much! I love it!

  2. Too Cute! Hope you girls had fun...we'll have to join you there soon.


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