Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Miah Jane is NINE months today and she is on the move!! I am so glad I didn't waste the forty dollars on a walker last weekend!! All you need is a $5.99 laundry basket, and an Auntie and Uncle to cheer you on!! Oh and a little Night Ranger theme music.....everything you do has got to have theme music!!

Sister Christian oh the time has come............

And you know you're the only one to say.....OK

But you're MOTOR'IN.......what's your price for flight!!


  1. atta girl MJ!!!!!! You'll be cruisin' on two feet in no time!!! We love you little one!

  2. Seriously, My gosh....I love how she looks back up at you with a huge grin like "did you see that?" How cute!!!


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