Friday, May 21, 2010

We Got Our Ears Pierced Today!

Well, I didn't think Miah Jane could possibly get cuter. WRONG!! She is now sporting 14 karat gold cz's in her ears like nobody's business! Seriously, it's like she came out of my womb with them in. My lovely friend Kara made an appointment at Merle Norman for our two precious divas to get their ears pierced this morning at 10:30. I was a bit nervous with all the poking and prodding MJ went through last month when she was sick, but she took it like a champ once again. We had a few tears after each pop, but Mama had a bottle ready for her when she was done (my secret weapon, shhhh). She was golden after that. Literally! Her BFF Lexi has a few months on her, so when it was her turn there was a little bit more crying and WWF wrestling with her Mama, Kara. Despite the pain, the experience was well worth it. These starter earrings have to stay in for eight weeks. After the eight weeks we will change the cubic zirconia out to the real deal! MJ already has diamonds awaiting her in her jewelry box from her Daddy.
One of the first Christmases Jeremiah and I spent together he gave me a tiny pair of diamond stud earrings. I think my other present that year was a fishing pole. Good recovery Sweetie with the diamonds. Anyway, once I opened them he says, "Do you know how expensive diamonds are Babe?!". Me: "Ah yeah, I take it you didn't? So your saying it's gonna be a while until I get one for my finger?" FIVE years later was the answer to that question. Ok, sorry I really digressed...... needless to say despite Daddy's absence he has still managed to give his little girl one of the many presents he's left behind.

Of course we have to capture all of this on camera.

Operation "Forget About the Pain" in effect.

Watching Lexi's torture.

What's all the fuss about my friend? It's over!

An ice cream shop strategically nextdoor to Merle Norman!
Ice cream makes everything better!!

We tried to take a picture of the besties together with their matching ears.
As you can see that didn't work out so good.

Very nice Lexi Lynn. Way to hang in there!

Yay! No more people mistaking you for a boy when you wear blue!
Girls don't only have to wear pink people!


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