Sunday, May 2, 2010


We had yet another beautiful weekend with more beautiful people that we love so much. My high school bestie, Trisha, came down from NYC to visit her, college bestie, Kristin and daughter Stella, who came from Utrecht, Netherlands to visit Kristin's mother here in Naples. Now, after this weekend, Miah Jane and Stella are besties! Whew! Did you all get that?
Stella (3) and Miah Jane (7 months) bonded in a blink of my eye in the car on our way to breakfast Saturday morning. This was such a magical moment to watch transpire. How is it that these sweet natured little souls make it look so easy? We were all there once. Where along the way is this innocence lost to some of us as we become adults? I took a lesson from these two this weekend.
I am so excited for Miah Jane's future of friendships and experiences to be shared. In my opinion, that is what life is all about. If anything this weekend and many others continue to prove to me that my little girl is going to be okay. I have feared the latter so many times since Jeremiah died. She is loved and treasured by so many. She knows nothing else, but laughter and smiles. I am going to keep it that way, and I know I've got an awesome army behind me to help.

Wait for it........

Done. Friends for life.

I like her Mama.

After breakfast we headed to the beach.
Miah looooves the water. If my back could withstand it she would jump in it all day!

Oh yeah, nice booda!!

I don't know how we managed to not get sand in the mouth, because let me tell you it was everywhere else!
She couldn't have cared less.

Mama I'm just playing with a bucket you don't need 17 pictures of that.

May I introduce to you Stella Grace de Geus.
This girl rocks two languages (Dutch & English) fluently like it's no body's business.
She kind of intimidates me with her genius.

Where is one of the coolest places for story time?
Coolest places for nap time?

Oh Yeah! THE BEACH!!

She's a genius and she loves shoes.
This girl has got it going on!
After Trisha made us a yumolicious dinner we headed back to the beach to say good night to the sun.
wel terusten zon!

The party squad.

Ice cream after sunset.
Absolute necessity.

Bravo Stella Bella. You and your Mama are scrumptious.

We skip the pretending and the norm any more.

I wish this to be every one's norm.
All you need is love.

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