Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bath Time

Every night around 7:00pm we like to hang out in the bathtub. Well, maybe not every night and maybe not quite at 7:00pm. This is what we shoot for more or less. Since Miah has started to crawl she has graduated from her little whale tub to the vast abyss of the "big girl" bathtub. She wasn't so sure of it in the beginning. Mama had to get in with her a couple times, but those few nights ended pretty quick. I think she realized the incredible amount of space she had to play in without Mama's big 'ole legs in there with her! If we are lucky, some nights Auntie Tanya and Uncle Jordie come join the fun, and help splash and squirt water all over the bathroom with us. Eventually, we do have to get to our objective of this 7:00pm ritual and scrub something. Particularly, the naked baby trying to dodge the wash cloth every which way she can. I mean who wants to be clean right? Mama, I want to save the crusty butternut squash in my hair for later! The fun we have in the tub is now my new favorite way to wind down the evening. Better than any glass of wine I can think of. Well, ok maybe I got carried away there, but you know what I mean.

She got those little pointy elf ears from her Daddy.
The defined muscles too.
I mean what eight month old do you know has visible deltoids?

Hold on tight Auntie Tanya! I'm a slippery one!

You don't see very many pictures of Uncle Jordie, because he is always the one behind the camera making her smile the biggest smile. He probably wouldn't want a picture taken of the shenanigans he performs to work out these smiles anyway. I have to admit though, he doesn't have to work all that hard. It's pretty magical.

Kills me every time she does this sweet "look up" face.

A monkey for my monkey!

Summer is quickly approaching, so sadly little footsie pj's are on a bit of a hiatus. I may crank the a/c a night or two just to pull those back out. However, this little boxer brief number is not a bad substitute of cuteness!

Mama, I am watching Mickey please DO NOT interrupt me.
Seriously! Sheesh!

I may be "pint size", but I pack a lot of punch!
You wanna a piece of me?!

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