Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sicky Poo Once Again!

Well, Mama and Baby MJ are both sick this time. Miah had a runny nose for a couple days, but seems to have cleared up today. Gma aka "Nurse Sue" went to Walgreens and bought her granddaughter a humidifier. Worked like a charm. Somehow Mama has it a lot worse. I feel like Humpty Dumpty, and all the King's horses, and all the kings men are sitting on my chest. Really bad chest congestion and sore throat. So, once again "Nurse Sue" to the rescue!! Gma came over this morning, made Mama chicken soup, and took Miah to her house for a sleepover. What a lifesaver! Thank you so much Gma!! I don't know what MJ and I would do without you!
Despite Miah's little cold she managed to start crawling this week. She is also pulling herself up, standing, and trying to crawl up on everything! She is quite the handful now. Just like her Daddy was! UGH! Well, I'm off to have a bowl of scrumptious, homemade with love, chicken soup. Here are just a couple pics I snapped while us girls were home sick. I'll be posting a video too of MJ crawling for the first time as soon as I can get it downloaded from my video camera. She continues to dazzle me on a daily basis runny nose and all.

Me no feel good Mama.

Is this pathetic look working?
Oh yeah.
What big eyes you have!

Look Mama one hand!!

We love things with our name on them!

See. Loves it!
(Thank you Allan and Rachael!!)

Don't you just want to eat her?
So scrumptious!

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