Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

You Are My I Love You

by Maryann K. Cusimano

I am your parent; you are my child.

I am your quiet place; you are my wild.

I am your carriage ride; you are my queen.

I am your push; you are my swing.

I am your audience; you are my clown.

I am your London Bridge; you are my falling down.

I am your carrot sticks; you are my licorice.

I am your dandelion; you are my first wish.

I am your water wings; you are my deep.

I am your open arms; you are my running leap.

I am your way home; you are my new path.

I am your dry towel; you are my wet bath.

I am your dinner; you are my chocolate cake.

I am your bedtime; you are my wide awake.

I am your finish line; you are my race.

I am your praying hands; you are my saving grace.

I am your favorite book; you are my new lines.

I am your night light; you are my starshine.

I am your lullaby; you are my peekaboo.

I am your goodnight kiss; you are my I Love You.

I don't have words today. Only tears.

Tears of joy and at moments of disbelief.

I am your mother and you are my child?

My beautiful little Miah Jane.

I look forward to the day you understand "I love you".

Thank you for continuing to restore my heart.

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