Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gatlinburg, TN! Check!

We had a girls trip to Gatlinburg, TN last week. Auntie Tanya got to tag along with us! Woo Hoo! Jeremiah's Mom (Nana) and family were vacationing there, so we crashed their party and spent some quality time. I've had some weeks fly by in my life, but let me tell you I think this one was one of the fastest. You know what they say though.....Time flies when your having fun!!

MJ is a pro at unpacking......clothes, toys, cabinets, drawers, closets.

We went hiking one afternoon and came upon this awesome creek.

I think Miah could have stayed here all afternoon.
Just as waves do in Florida, the water rushing over theses rocks had her captivated.

She just had to dip her feet in.

Very adventurous. Great sign. I love it.
I think.

Go ahead, try to take her from Auntie Tanya's arms I dare you!
(nope, she's not flexing)

More fun in the water!

She always quietly processes.

Survey says.......likie!

Why is everyone we know floating away?


We sing everywhere we go.....

Most of the time it ends in a nap.

The lazy river did what it does best.

We got lots of snuggle time in with Nana.
Yet, it will never be enough.
We love you very much and thank you for a memorable week!

Oh and of course we had to succumb to one tourist trap during our visit.
These staged old western saloon studios are on every corner in Gatlinburg.
I mean come on.....how could Mama resist a fun photo!!



  1. Thank you Kara for the technical support!!

  2. Don't get me in any trouble please...LOL. I had nothing to do with those pictures! :) Next girls trip better involve Me and Lexi. We know how to have fun too.

  3. A bar, nakedness and whiskey in the background....looks like trouble!! Just cute as a button like always! Nice job glad you had such a nice time and you look beautiful!

  4. Love the pictures,especially the western ones. Shawn and I have one like that, it's still on my wall...she'll love that when she gets older!!


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