Friday, July 23, 2010

Charlie Marchant Ritchey

Our friends, the Ritchey's, added a new member to their family this month!! We were invited to Charlie Marchant Ritchey's Welcome to the World party last Saturday night. Of course, my date for the evening, my boo, Miss MJ. We had a wonderful time mingling with some of our favorite friends. We were so happy to be a part of such a wonderful occasion. You have a kick ass set of parents Charlie!! Your brother is pretty awesome too!! Ah, but you will figure that out soon enough my little love.
MJ, Mama Ritchey, and Papa Ritchey with the guest of honor.
Thank you Ritchey's, Wayne's, and Dudley's for always being so wonderful to us.
We love you and can't wait for all the fun yet to come.

One of our top ten favorite people Mama Brewer!

She got the party started for us that night with balloons and bread crusts.

Kelly, you always know how to have fun.
Rock on Sista!

Why with the camera when I'm eating? Why?

My kind of girl's night out.

The end to a great weekend and beginning to an adventurous week! MJ, Auntie Tanya, and Mama are off to Gatlinburg, TN to meet up with NANA (Jeremiah's Mom), Aunt Anna (Jeremiah's younger sister) and cousins for the week!! Details of our trip to be posted soon.......

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