Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Time is Here

As I've mentioned in earlier posts I was pretty young when we moved from Chicago, but I vividly remember holidays accompanied with the changes of the season.  May it be Thanksgiving or Christmas the weather seemed to define the spirit of the celebration.  Or did it?  Was this just because it was the only thing I knew at the time?  I swore for years once we moved to Naples that without leaves turning colors and snow drifting past window panes the holidays will never be the same.  And they weren't, but as each year passed and new traditions were born the emphasis on the weather became less and less.  More and more I realized that it wasn't the change outdoors that moved me, but quite the opposite, the never changing, unconditional love within my family and heart of our home.  The gathering together and sharing moments of tradition and celebration come rain or shine. 

One thing you can predict about life is it's I am a little bit older, and no longer the kid with the simple challenge of getting into the Christmas spirit without snow.  I wish golden leaves and powdery snow were all that I now have to do without this season and the seasons to come.  Be it as it may my family is up for the challenge once again.  Oh and they have backup with our many and mighty friends that have banded together along the way.  The blessing of their love for me and my little girl will win every time I'm sure of it.  They are a force to reckon with.

OK I'm's the kid in all her cuteness.

Each night this week we assigned ourselves a Christmas task.  Here are a few shots of Uncle Jordi, Auntie Tanya, and MJ putting up our icicle lights.  Notice she is in nothing but a diaper.  This is her favorite outfit these days.  Especially after a week of suffocating layers in the cold. 

Stringing popcorn garland with Uncle Jordi.  By the way, when is the last time, if ever, that you made popcorn on the stovetop?  Here's a link to help you through it....stovetop popcorn.  Good times!

I figured MJ was old enough to handle the ornaments, ah yeah no. 
Lot's of casualties. 
It was a pretty grim sight.

My hot glue gun and I have some arms and legs to tend to............
Merry Christmas!

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