Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Sleepy Christmas Eve

We could not have asked for a day any more beautiful than what we were given on Christmas Eve.  It was an absolute glorious day, and we didn't want to waste a minute of naturally we went to "church".
Auntie Tanya, Uncle Jordi, MJ and I spent the majority of the afternoon paddling Clam Pass aimlessly. 

Jeremiah and I would attend "church" often times on our boat floating past island after island of mangroves with the in or out coming tide.  Those cherished days on the water together were some of our most connected moments.  Connected to each other and to God.

 It will always remain that way.

It was so peaceful that Miah Jane actually fell asleep!
Auntie Tanya won the Sacajawea look alike contest.
We passed Sleeping Beauty off to Uncle Jordi.

Somebody woke up as soon as she heard waves crashing.........
It's pretty bad when you just happen to have a festive bathing suit.
This is how Christmas is done in Florida!!

The ritual sand taste test.
And the ritual drink of water after the sand taste test.

We eventually had to paddle home, shower, and head over to Gma and Gpa's for Christmas Eve dinner.

The evening hadn't even begun!
MJ was already toast on the way to dinner.
BUT Gma knew the remedy to wake this little sleepy sleeperson ....

.......she's done.

Come on over whenever you're ready Santa. 
You could just use the front door I don't think she's gonna hear you.

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