Friday, December 10, 2010

Finding Our Way....

During a stay on Treasure Island, FL last month we happened upon a surf shop to kill some time before a concert.  A very special surf shop named Suncoast Surf Shop  and a very special surf shop owner named Joe.  To keep a fairly long story short we walked out of there with a new addition to our "good times" arsenal......The Big Easy.  The Big Easy is a Starboard paddleboard that has helped us find our way to being as close to Jeremiah/Daddy as possible for now.  By "for now" I mean at Miah Jane's young age.  As she gets older there will be Mommy and Me surfing classes in our future among many other things, but for now we will slowly cruise, breathe in salty air, and feel.....feel him. 
I have tried to visit people and places, do things Jeremiah and I had done with Miah Jane, but the feeling that something is severely missing is too hard to overcome at times.  The looming void chips away at my heart and I find myself breaking down, becoming weak.  I can't do this.  I can't be weak.  Not on our daughter's time.  Maybe someday, but for now Miah Jane and I need to find our own way.  We are quite the team I must brag....we've done pretty well finding it.

Uncle Jordi was out of town this particular weekend, so it was up to us girls to fend for ourselves. 
We rocked it! 
Don't worry Uncle Jordi we still need you!

Oh Mama you and that camera!!  Let's GO!!
Auntie Tanya is always the first one to step in line behind me and hold on to the "oh shit" bar.
I love you sister.
This drive was sooo nerve wracking.  As long as Jeremiah and I were together he would NEVER strap a board on the roof.  Boards always had to be safely nestled between us in vehicles despite our comfort.  Well this board ain't called The BIG Easy for nothing!  
I was so wrapped up in strapping the board, loading Miah Jane, packing sunblock, etc. I forgot to take my socks off.  One of the very few pros of becoming a just don't give a crap!
We have to give a shout out to Mama and Presley Kepple for giving us Miah Jane's safety suit!
Thank you so much girlies this worked out perfect! xoxo 
Here we go!

I eventually got brave and stood up.  Not brave enough to take a picture of it though.
We paddled to a local beach and of course made Auntie Muscles carry everything.

This kid would look cute in a garbage bag.  I know, I'm biased.

LOOOVES waves.  I mean LOVES them!!
Auntie Tanya's turn to paddle home while we sight see!
First time for everything and it was a success! 
This picture is exactly what I imagined as I contemplated buying this board.
Thank you Joe.


  1. Awesome post and great pictures of an amazing experience! Somewhere Jeremiah is smiling because this is just what he would have wanted; his daughter on the board at ONE! BTW, MJ would rock a garbage bag..she'd look cute in absolutely anything. :) Love you girls!

  2. Love the pics and thanks for keeping me in your thought, i wish you all the best and i have not forgotten the pink t-shirt! God Bless and enjoy, a friend, Joe (suncoast surf shop)


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