Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hope and Courage

Miah Jane and I spent Saturday morning with the ever so talented and charming Monet "Giblin" Layton in the children's corner of the Garden of Hope and Courage.  Many of you know this place to be very sacred to me in that much of Jeremiah's hard work is strewn throughout the trees, ponds, and walkways.  There were many nights we'd visit the garden to see it lit up.  The lights weren't the only thing beaming on those nights......Jeremiah's pride in his work and heart felt attachment to this job shined in those baby blues I came to love so much.

Monet's dear friend Dierdre "Conley" Varness lost her husband to cancer this past summer and is expecting to give birth to their baby boy next month.  To honor Baby Varness, Monet hosted photo sessions for donations to be given to Dierdre.  I have never met Dierdre, but we have been in contact and plan to meet each other when she comes down to visit her parents in January.  She and I have not met yet, but we know.  She and I know.....the pain of bitter and the joy of sweet.

Monet you are a gem of a friend.  Your love and support for Dierdre and her baby boy is beautiful.

These are a few of the photos Monet took of Miah and I that morning........

She couldn't resist the powdered donuts Monet had out.  Apparently these were once a favorite of Todd's.
And now a favorite of MJ's.  Great. 

Todd Varness
June 11, 1974 - August 2, 2010

How far we've gone
How far we're going
So here and the now
And the love for the sound
of the moments that keep us moving....


  1. beautiful words, beautiful girls!!! best to all!! love, k

  2. Ok ok so MJ is just unbelievably adorable, we all know that and the pics are gorgeous, however Id like to say something else is look beautiful Joanne! The pics of the kisses made my heart flutter a bit, and you holding her hand...just love em!! I also dont blame her about the powder donut, that is the only way to eat one too. Beautiful cause. Love you xoxoxox


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