Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sea Legs and The Color Orange

There is something special about the sunsets this time of year that leave such an impression on me.  It's rust and gold hues are a little bolder almost to make up for the fact that our leaves don't change to reflect the fall season.  Mother Nature never lets me down.  She pulled out all the the stops last Friday night.  This Naples version of a fall evening was quite the spectacle. 

Before we got to that point, however, we enjoyed Miah Jane's opening act......another spectacle all of her own!  She effortlessly walked all over the boat like she owned it as we idled along Naples Bay.  Once she woke up anyway.......

Heavy breathing sack of potatoes.
REM Sleep.
Wait a minute.....where am I?
You are Cousin Mikey!
You are Uncle Jordie!
That's my Uncle Jordie!
We're on the Triple Net!!
And now we do the dance of joy!  Da da da da......
Your Daddy would be so proud of your sea legs munchkin!
What's that?
Got to get closer.......
She's even impressing herself!
Gordon's Pass

Bye Bye Sun........

......see you tomorrow at the pumpkin patch!!

From one beautiful Mother Nature nurtured orange ball to another, we woke up Saturday morning and headed to a local, makeshift pumpkin patch.  As usual it was a family and friend afair.  Just the way we like it......Uncle Jordie, Auntie Tanya, Gma, Great Gma (Baba), and the Schaps Gang!!  While we were there we ran into our friends the Ritchey's and the Michetti's for a extra bonus to our morning!!

First, for a little perspective here are three pictures from the same pumpkin patch last year........

Ok let's get to business here......
Believe it or not we bought this one.  Too cool to pass up.
One of the first pictures that I can maybe see a little bit of me on her.
She climbed over one pallet after another.....
Lexi Lynn graciously sharing a water break.
Cutie pie Devin just couldn't decide on one.
So small, but so mighty!
Such a cute moment.....
..... it was like this scarecrow was a long lost friend.  My sweet girl.
Ok everybody I think that about does it!
Auntie Tanya, you got all the pumpkins?  Good.  Let's roll.

Another weekend of experiences to add to our memory treasure box.

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  1. Hi, it is Suzie from Sarasota! I have really enjoyed reading all the stories and looking at all the pictures, the music is awesome too! What a great idea for you and Miah Jane to have and to treasure forever. Her Daddy would be so proud of both of you. Treasure every moment, she is so beautiful!!


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