Sunday, October 17, 2010


Tuesday mornings for the last eight weeks have been spent in a magical classroom at the Philharmonic Center for the Arts full of special people big and small.  Kindermusik is an awesome program offered by the Phil that has several different levels of activities based on your child's age.  Each class integrates sounds, music, dance, and props to engage your child's imagination and developmental skills.  Unlike swim lessons Miah Jane looooves this experience.  She completed her first "semester" Zoom Buggy and is signed up for the next called "Dream Pillow".  Not only is this class an interaction with the curriculum, but it also is a chance to meet some really cool Mamas and new little friends.  Our instructor, Ms. Susie Rodriguez, brings so much energy and ethusiasm to each class there's no excuse to not reap the benefits.  Witness it for's written all over Miah Jane's face!

There are a couple videos, so you might want to pause the music below......

Class hasn't even started and she's already smiling!

Miah looooves the shakers!  She shakes from head to toe!

This hammock exercise gets everybody working together and helps the kids learn to wait their turn! 
Oh yeah I could get used to this Mama!

There is no time to be bashful in this class. 

The first class I was sweating and out of breath!  Definitely could count as a workout!

So many creative ways to engage each other and most of them you can do at home too!
Watch out she's got shakers again!

Hm his sounds different?
I'm gonna change it up a bit......
Our Awesome Class!

YAAAY!!  Mama is so proud of you my little mover and shaker!
Can't wait for Dream Pillow class!

Thank you Uncle Jordie for taking pictures for us! 

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