Tuesday, September 14, 2010

There are some days.....

....when we all wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Miah Jane included. Not only did she wake up on the wrong side of the bed for the last four days, she had a snotty nose and restless nights of sleep to compound the daily Mama challenge to keep it together. It's only fitting to kick myself when I'm down and miss my husband terribly as my daughter tugs at me to be held while I try to quickly go to the bathroom. With Miah Jane's one year birthday upon me I can't help fight the twinge of sadness that has become a part of my being. I've actually had day dreams of our first child's birthday and it wasn't supposed to be anything like this. Not even Rage Against the Machine at some ungodly decibel can keep the tears away on days like these. Just when I think it might be time for David Lawrence Center to send a paddy wagon with four of their strongest men dressed in white scrubs, with a straight jacket........my lovely neighbors come to my rescue. Auntie Tanya and Uncle Jordie are with out a doubt the most generous loving people Miah Jane and I will ever come to know and be blessed to have in our lives. If I need a minute or two or sixty they are there. Whether it be Uncle Jordie making his whoops and doops while swinging my girl around or Auntie Tanya schooling her with her many MAC eye shadows, they are always there when I need to cry or just take a freaking shower for every one's sake! Thank you, Thank you, a thousand times thank you neighbors. I love you.

In between her sniffles and whines MJ let a little cuteness peak out to help me keep my head above water. In addition to those moments each project in preparation for her birthday kept me busy and in turn built up excitement and happiness for the day my little bandaid turns one. It's here. One day at a time....I made it......and I'm gonna celebrate it!!

Yeah so I wear a bath robe, what of it?

Just brushing my teeth Mama, not a big deal.

Really? Are you done?

Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while lounging on her new personalized bean bag!
Courtesy of her lovely Gma! (Another one of Mama's beloved saviors)

Yeah Minnie, I'm calling to let you know I'm coming to your house Thursday.
It's my birthday, so you better be ready to party!! Tell Mickey and the gang for me all right? Thanks Doll Face.
I gotta run.


  1. Why hasn't MJ BBMed me yet about the rager on Thursday? BTW where can I get one of those robes in my size?

  2. so precious, happy birthday miah jane!

  3. What are you talking about C-stump that is your size! xo


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