Saturday, April 16, 2011

To Grandmother's House She Goes (Grandpa lives there too)

No place compares to Grandma's house. 

The millions upon millions of Grandma's houses out there each have that unspoken special comfort that can only be created by none other than Grandma.  We all remember it and may still enjoy it to this day.  My girl is fortunate to have a woman that was born to be a Grandma.  My Mom is an incredible grandparent and wears this hat with the most love and pride.  Without a word my she helps remind me how lucky I am despite what I have lost.  Just when I thought I couldn't love my Mom any more than I already have all my life she brings it to whole new level when she dotes on my little bandaid.

Here's a few snapshots of MJ at her Grandma Refuge.......

We create masterpieces..... Grandma's slippers.....gets the creative juices flowing.

We take a shot at Beethoven...

We wrestle Chester for his bed and toys......

We swim.......

We stop to smell the roses...

We dance like everyone is watching......(we aren't bashful with the dancing)

We steal Chester's bed and toy AGAIN.

Let's her win every time. 
Such a pal.

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